Good day, Warrior!

Recently, I decided to do something that I’ve said I wasn’t disciplined enough to do yet.

Go on a strict 30-day carnivore challenge. 

Now, I’ve been primarily ketovore since 2019, after switching my diet to a more ketogenic lifestyle in the summer of 2018. 

Why Carnivore?

If you were to ask me, “Why in the world are you doing something called carnivore???” 

Short Answer

I love meat, eggs, and cheese. I feel like I could live off of meat, eggs, and dairy. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Long Answer

Supposedly, there are several health benefits to adapting to a diet that primarily serves meat, eggs, and dairy – if your system can tolerate these kinds of food groups. I don’t want to simply take someone else’s word for it.  As an academic professional and researcher, I usually like to explore my research topics deeper and discover the outcome for myself. 

This is especially important for me because since starting my health and wellness journey some 20 years ago, I’ve grown to understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” health solution.  As a result, I am allowed to explore options that interest me to see how my body responds and ultimately create my own program to commit to for life.

With that said, I am starting my 30-Day Strict Carnivore Challenge.

30 Day Carnivore Challenge Details

Allowed Foods

My 30-day carnivore challenge will consist of consuming only beef, bacon, butter, eggs (chicken/duck), duck, tuna, salmon, chicken, and lamb. 

As an expat living and working in Dalian, China, duck, and lamb are everywhere and I’ve grown to love the taste of both!  

No cooking with oil is allowed so I’ll cook with unsalted butter, duck fat (saved from cooking), lamb fat (I’ve seriously grown to enjoy this!), and bacon grease. 

Cooking oil isn’t allowed because oils do not come from animals but from fruit such as coconut and olives. 

These are the only two types of oil that I cook with so for the next 30 days, they’ll be sitting in my cabinets, chilling, waiting for me to end my carnivore challenge.

Bottles of Cooking Oil
Bottles of Cooking Oil

Allowed Drinks

The only drinks I will have during my 30-Day Strict Carnivore Challenge are water (carbonated included), coffee (no heavy whipping cream, flavors, stevia nor monk fruit added) with butter, unsweetened herbal tea. 

That’s it.

Tea and coffee
Tea and coffee


Also, I plan to incorporate alternate day fasting, also known as ADF. 

This is another thing that I thought I wouldn’t be disciplined enough to do back in 2019, however, last year during the pandemic, I experimented with several ADFs – 36 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 119 hours, and other extended day fasts. 

Well, during this challenge, there are some weeks that I will conduct a 72-hour fast since this is something that I’ve been doing a lot this year. 

concept of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet, weight loss.

This will probably happen almost weekly because there are so many benefits of fasting.

I will probably start ADF after the first 10 days or so. Honestly, I just plan to listen to my body and make moves based on that. 

Which leads me to exercise. 

Exercise During 30-Day Carnivore Challenge

I love exercising.

I love the way I feel when I consistently move my body. 

One of my favorite exercise regimens is PHA Training (peripheral heart action training) because, personally, I feel that it is more transformational for my body than HIIT (high-intensity interval training).  

I also have grown to appreciate interval running because I received the best results of my life from incorporating running into my workout routine in 2019.  

I was afraid to run as a big girl. 

I was afraid of hurting myself or passing out on the street in China and dying on the side of the curb. 😂

Maaaaybe, that’s a bit dramatic but I basically allowed every kind of excuse you could imagine to keep me from STARTING one of the best things that would aid in my transformation.

The sheer feeling of accomplishment that I would have after a run was worth the pain, itching, and tears that would fall down my face when I would run. 

Fat woman running on a treadmill at gym

Yes, sis…ya girl would cry while running.

But I would keep running, even through the tears. 

And soon the tears turned into triumphs.

Wow…just writing this makes me want to get back into running! I haven’t run in a few months.  

I hit a mental roadblock, as with my diet and other exercise regimens, and I hit a stall.

But that’s why I’m here now. 




30-Day Carnivore Challenge Reports

During this 30-day carnivore challenge, I will also report my measurements in increments of 5 days. 

Days 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 will include the following:

  • Body Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Muscle %
  • Visceral Fat Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Body Water %
  • Skeletal Muscle %
  • Protein %
  • Bone Mass
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Lean Mass
  • Body Measurements
  • Glucose Levels
  • Ketone Levels
  • Glucose Ketone Index (GKI)

Accountability on the 30-Day Carnivore Challenge

As a source of accountability, and since I am a vlogger, my daily posts will be shared as videos on my YouTube channel.  Also, I’ll be posting photos of my meals and workouts on IG, Twitter, and Facebook Page

On the days that I will give updates, you’ll be able to find the details under the vlog in the same post.

🥩🥓🍗🍳🧈🍖 You can watch my VLOG playlist here. 🥩🥓🍗🍳🧈🍖

Time to Experiment!

Amazonian Warrior, thank you for joining me and supporting me. 

Honestly, I don’t know if anyone is reading this or watching my vlogs but if not now, I believe someone will in the future and they will need to see my personal journey for inspiration in starting their own.

So, here’s to starting something new and discovering what works best for this Amazonicorn Warrior Queen. 🥂